7 Ways To Use Tape To Entertain Kids Inside

Even the best of parents sometimes simply run out of ways to entertain their toddlers. I mean, they have so much energy but so little patience. The internet is full of ideas but so many of them involve a lot of preparation.

So here are 7 ideas that require very little forward planning. The next time you're at the hardware store, buy a giant roll of painters tape (the stuff that's designed to come off) and stick it in your kitchen draw. 

Then you're always ready.


1. The Spiderweb Game

Throw crumpled up newspaper "flies" at the web and see how many get through (hint: it's usually none).


2. Racing Tracks

Make road tracks from tape all around the house (literally - on the walls, chairs, everything)


3. Hopscotch

Yep. No chalk needed.


4. Bullseye

The hardest part is making circles with the tape.


5. Pom Pom Race

Have them try to blow small pom poms acong the tape with a straw. You can even use the race tracks from number two.


6. Obstacle Course

Your imagination is the only limit.


7. The Great Heist

Make a "laser" maze for the kids to get through. I like the tape because it sticks to them so the judges decision is final.


Oh and as a bonus game, don't underestimate how much fun the kids will have peeling the tape OFF!