A Clever Way To Get Kids To Eat Veggies!

Getting the kids to eat vegetables needn’t be as hard as you think!

My supermum trick is to make a pile with every vegetable I can consider that you can cook up, lots of colours textures some they love, some they don’t. This was a roast which is their favourite hands down.

I have them displayed in the kitchen and ask which five do you want? They then get to choose the five sometimes more vegetables that they would prefer to eat over the other ones.

The rule is they must have one of each, more if they like, eat everything on their plates and if they’re still hungry they can have more of anything they choose.

More often than not, they come back for more of their favourites. By giving them the choice, they can choose whichever they think is vomit worthy and leave it in the kitchen. What they choose is eaten because… They chose to eat it!

This particular night Miss 9 decided to trade her meat for another plate of vegetables - winning!

by offering a choice of healthy options, and allowing your children to choose gives them ownership over what goes into their mouth. A far cry from the hours I spent at the dining table gagging at the thought of eating soggy peas and pumpkin!

If they choose that peas and pumpkin really aren’t that appetising to them but they will eat the sweet potato, mushrooms, kale, capsicum, cauliflower, purple potatoes, carrots and eggplant (that’s a lie, they never choose eggplant, that’s all mine). Well I’m okay with them not eating peas and pumpkin, especially when they look this sad that they’ve finished all the kale 😆

Giving children a choice between two or three things that you would like always ends up in them choosing one. In my 12 years of parenting this is the golden goose, allow them to choose and they will own it, love it and be proud of it.