Having fun in the rain!

Oh no our kids are going to get wet and the chills, best mother hen them and coop them up inside! Or… if they’re eager to get outdoors still, why not let them get a bit messy and let off that steam I say? We older chooks so easily forget the joys of dirt and exploring our senses to the max. It just takes a raincoat, gumboots and layers to rug them up cosy and a spare change of clothes for when they’re back inside. Yes, kids get wet but they get dry too!

In the rain there’s so much richness to be found! The air is thicker, smells are stronger, sounds echo and mud-baths feel.. maybe I’ve gone too far. My point is that from birth to early childhood kids make sense of the world through their senses. For us it’s second nature but only because we were a kid once! Sensory play is so much more than just stimulating touch, sight, hearing and taste. It helps young kids create neural pathways, develop motor skills, language development, problem solving skills and mindfulness. That’s why my philosophy of child’s play includes letting them get muddy and to explore.

So here are some activities for children to enjoy while frolicking in the rain! 

Download your free copy of the infographic here.