It's Time To Hit the Reset button

After what feels like a lifetime of lockdown ups and downs, the last two weeks I have actually allowed myself to take time off.  

I had let all of my work balls drop, running 3 different businesses there is always a million balls and as an organised high achiever, I pride myself in keeping all of those balls flying beautifully all of the time.

Not last month.  After weeeeeekks of procrastinating and not doing what I wanted, allowing crazy distractions to get in my way, I had a session with my kinesiologist.  She asked me why I wasn't doing what I knew I needed to do (launch and get our spring range out there and share with the crowds)

I had no idea.  It must be something?  But, for the life of me I didn't know why. I didn't have the ability to get a photo shoot done like we usually do but I had two days with the kids at the farm getting dressed up and taking my own shots.  The stock had arrived, why wasn't I launching it?

I still don't actually know the answer but I pulled my finger out, did the couple of days work to update the website, touch up the photos, create a video, newsletter, social post, then bang I did it.  

Woo hoo - awesome!  Customers love it orders roll in, I stay busy packing and writing everyone notes, hoping that I will get a few pics from customers to share, or once lock down is lifted that I might spot some Roastedfox in the wild (my favourite thing of all time)

Then, what did I do?


Bubkus, sweet f all, absolutely nothing to grow and spread the word.  I sent out orders.  Full stop that's it!

WTF, what is wrong with me?  I have so much clothing that I would love to be in the draws of little ones, not in my warehouse, but the weeks dragged on and on, and still I didn't even do a single social post.  I sat down to most days with good intentions and got distracted with anything else.

Feeling a total lack of mojo like I have never felt before, I took the pressure off and gave myself the school holidays off.  I will be back and smash it when 'homeschool'goes back, then we have have a routine, I can sit down and timeblock and not let nonsense disturb what I want any more.

So today, the first day back at (home) school, I am hitting the reset button.  I am not upset with myself, not disappointed, but feeling refreshed and ready to start again.  Proud of taking the time for myself to go through what ever it was that was going on for me.

With a new enthusiasm to make things happen and share my beautiful designs with as many people as possible.  The summer range is arriving into the warehouse this week so I will be ready to get that rolling take photos and do all the work to get that launched ASAP and have a cracking Christmas period and enjoy every day I have living my dream. 

I have set my one thing every day and each day I will have my end of day wine until it is finished. 

Today, I'm signing off at 4pm.

It is done!