Proof That We Were Cooler Than Our Kids

Kids always think their parents are uncool. But while they're walking into each other looking for imaginary Pokemon, at the same age, we were living a life they could only dream of. 

Here's 14 parents who were way cooler than their kids.

And while this is a bit of fun nostalgia, there's still a message about getting our kids involved in the world around them.

1. My Mother Was A Tank Instructor (1984)


2. My Mother Skateboarding Barefoot (1974)


3. My Dad (1968)


4. My Mom At 16 With Her Camaro (1975)


5. My Dad Being Infinitely Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be (1980)


6. My Dad - Taken For Surfer Magazine (1977)


7. My Dad Skateboarding At Hyde School (1982)


8. My Dad's Moves Were Pretty Cool (1977)


9. My Dad Cooking A Barbecue On A Moving Submarine


10. My Mom And Dad On Their Wedding Day (1980)


11. My Dad -  More Man Than Myth (1973)


12. My Mom Skating With A Broken Wrist (1978)


13. My Dad And His Cousins


14. My Dad Used To Ride 3 Wheeled Unicycles In Parades