Simple and Crafty Recycling Ideas

You’ve already bought top quality clothing with Roasted Fox which is best for maximising the amount of time the clothing will last. There’s one sustainability tick! But there always comes a time when that favourite top is just worn to death or dare I say it, they’ve grown too big! We are all for hand me downs and mending but sometimes it can be hard to throw out clothes that are too sentimental! We think Roasted Fox fabrics are the best opportunity for getting crafty with funky fabrics so here’s some ideas on what to make or easily upcycle. As a store, the way we do it is by using our scraps to make ‘foxy jox’. Kids love their undies don’t they, especially crazy colourful ones. As an adult undies are the worst present but as a kid, anything playful will amaze! Our Cray-Cray Covid Collection was also created all from scraps, but that’s a whole other story.

So crafty foxes, where to start?


1. T-shirt to tote bag

The best way to show off these stunning fabrics! Takes less than 10 minutes and no sewing required. You can follow the instructions here: 

Or make this fabulous rag-bag option here:  


2. Infinity scarves

Perfect for colour! Follow Ashley’s instructions here and find out how simple it is to have your own designer piece: 


3. Braided T-shirt rug or mini braided coasters

Again, the excellent no-sew method! Take your time to make a rug or make tea coasters as a short version. Thanks to a fellow foxy member, Dana Fox’s instructions here:


4. Fabric art

Simple as can be! Strap a shirt to a canvas and voila colour can be everywhere! See how here:


5. If mending is your way to go..

A patch just adds more fun to our already mix-matched clothing!


6. Gorgeous oven mitts

These would be such a personal gift for a friend! Like these designer ones by Penelopetree shown above or you can make your own. 


7. Refashion - for the fashionista expert!

Grab a whole lot of your kids foxy favourites they’ve grown out of and make them into a new top for yourself! If you’re good with the sewing machine you’ll know what to do – here’s the inspiration. Perfect again with our colours - I just had to share - or you can buy the above top here:


8. Cardi to cushion in 10 minutes

Simple and clever. Find out how here:


9. Quirky planter

What a find we have here! No sewing experience needed yet again. Just a few home materials you can find out here:


10. The classic memory quilt

Watch how to make it here:

There’s some creativity overload inspiration! Another tip if you’re out of options for recycling clothing is to see if a school would like the old kids clothing as they often collect. Kindergartens and Primary Schools need spare clothing in case of any spills or accidents and art teachers use larger kids clothes as smocks for painting.

For your interest, Planet Arc shows recycling options for all types of fabrics here: For example restock your local mechanic with some rags. I’ll just end my creative recycling outburst by adding – aren’t we lucky in life to have teddy hospitals!