Why I Want My Kids To Be 80's Kids

Is it just me or do kids no longer find going outdoors to be as much fun as I did?

I mean, I get it, back in the 80's when I was a kid, we didn’t have all the indoor stuff we have now, like the internet and cable TV. So we had to be creative and resourceful with what we had. In my opinion, that was what made our childhood experiences remarkable.

So I got to thinking about what I did when I was a kid and how I could show my kids how much fun, spare time outside can be.

Sit back and enjoy this blast from the past.


1. Tadpoles

We would go to the closest creek (or the pool - Dad hated cleaning it) to find tadpoles. It was a lot of fun catching these wiggling little fish like things and bringing them home to study.


2. Rolling down hills

We would go up the hill, and when we reached its top, we would roll down the hill. Then we'd do it again. It was fascinating and scary all at once. And competitive.


3. Drinking from the hose

We would spend hours and hours playing outside. But when we got thirsty, we would drink water from a hose rather than going inside the house to get a cup of water. Always fun and always involved more water on you than in you.


4. Riding Bikes

As kids growing up in the 80’s, we would get around on our bikes. That was our mode of transportation. If we wanted to see our friends, we would ride to their place. They might not even be home - we'd never know until we got there.


5. Mud Pies

I loved the mud pies. We would mix and mold mud into pies. Sometimes I wonder what kids of today would say about this game. I bet they would look at us as some pretty primitive kids.


6. Foursquare

Foursquare was a game that we would play with our classmates at school. Its flexibility and speed made it always exciting to play. 


7. Hopscotch

Sometimes we would spend more of our time drawing on the floor than playing hopscotch but either way, it was great, lazy fun. Today’s kid have missed quite a lot.


8. Totem Tennis

Totem Tennis is awesome. We played it a school and at home and made  a lot of great friends while at it.


9. Hide And Seek

Hide and seek was such a fun game. We would scramble to find some hiding places and hope that those who would look for us wouldn’t find us. Oh the places we'd hide would make parents today go white...


10. Skipping

Jumping rope was a fascinating and fun thing to do. We would try to see who could jump rope the longest and sometimes the fastest. Little did we know that we were burning energy as well. 


That's it - I'm going outside!