Why Roasted Fox Coats Are The Best

I was going to write an article espousing the virtues of our Coats for winter and then figured that was a bit ego-centric.

So instead, I'll post someone else's article doing exactly the same thing!

This article appeared in Babyology back in 2016, but the reasons why our coats are great haven't changed. :)



Roasted Fox And Their Warm Woolly Children’s Coats

By Hayley Pickett on 10th May 2016


If there is one thing about winter that gets me excited, it’s kids fashion. Good quality coats are hard to find but these warm woolly coats are a winter wardrobe essential for kids who like to get outdoors and explore while staying nice and cosy.

Back in June of 2015 we introduced you all to the wonderful clothing by Roasted Fox. Since then they have been hard at work putting together another amazing collection of winter wear for kids, like these stunning woolly coats that we know you’re all going to love. The creators of Roasted Fox understand just how hard it is to find a high quality, durable, comfortable and stylish winter coat, which is why they decided to design their own as a part of their new Snowgum Collection.

Made from a super soft wool blend and fully lined with a flexible jersey fabric your little one will be free to run, jump, bend and play without feeling stiff and restricted. No need for a scarf to keep the cold at bay, these coats feature a raised military collar, keeping their necks nice and warm. The handy pockets will be loved by every mini explorer, somewhere to keep their treasures safe and their little hands warm, while outdoors.

We all love a coat that can get our kids through more then one winter, with rollable cuffs you can buy your kids a size of two bigger so you can keep it for a few years wear. Available in three gorgeous colours, from size two years up to ten years. You can find these delightful coats over at Roasted Fox for $160.

Hayley Pickett

Hayley is a young stay at home mum. She spends her days chasing around her mischievous children, one of whom is convinced she is a princess and the other a one year old rock climber. She lives in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and loves to end the day writing and catching up on social media while relaxing with a cup of tea, or three.


You can read the original article here.