Yes, You Can Have Fun In The Rain.

For most families, a rainy day means being stuck inside, engaging in quiet activities such as watching movies, playing video games, making puzzles or reading a book or two.

But when the rainy day becomes two, or three, or more, things start to get a little rough.

Luckily, just because it's wet outside doesn't mean you have to spend your day indoors. I mean come on, some of the most fun you can have is playing in the rain!

Like what, I hear you ask. Like these ideas...

  1. Catch raindrops on your tongue, hands, and feet.

  2. Blow bubbles. Who can make the biggest one?

  3. A rainy day is perfect for looking for worms as they move up to the surface of the earth. How many can you find? Will your kids dare touch one? Will you?

  4. Follow the rain when it falls on the ground. Where does it flow to? Down the street? To a drain?

  5. Take a look at the earth - the dirt, the sand, the grass. How does the rain change these things?

  6. Don't just jump in the puddles - skip, hop, run, gallop, or walk through them. Who can make the biggest splash?

  7. Embrace the wetness and turn on your sprinklers or set up your kiddie pools to play in.

  8. Measure the rainfall by putting out a cup and see how much you can catch. Let everyone guess how much they think will be in the cup by the time the rain stops.

  9. Try playing some of your kids favourite sports. How does the rain change how the ball moves?

  10. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood and ask your kids to tell you about how the rain makes things look different. 

  11. If there are puddles, toss rocks into them. Who can make the biggest ripple? What size rock makes the loudest sound?

  12. Listen to the rhythm that the rain makes and have a dance contest. Give a prize to the person who comes up with the silliest rain dance.

  13. If you don't mind tearing up your yard a little, let your kids slide in the wet grass.

  14. Live near a hill? Find a moving stream of water and race sticks.

  15. Got a waterproof camera? Make some memories.

  16. If it is raining really hard, wash your hair. (This one is sure to make the kids laugh hard.)

  17. Bring out some washable paints and paper and let the rain make a masterpiece.

  18. Set up a wet-weather obstacle course. (Be careful, it will be slippery.)

  19. Make mud pies.

  20. When the storm has passed, be sure to look for a rainbow.

Of course, while you and the kids aren't going to melt away in the rain, you still want to take precautions against hypothermia as you will cool down significantly if your clothes get wet, especially if there is ​any wind. 

So be aware of signs of shivering, clumsiness, and confusion and limit your time outside in wet clothes. Get inside and change to dry clothes and warm up. Or try these wet weather clothes at Hugs for Kids.

Also be alert to reduced visibility for traffic and use precautions, including wearing reflective clothing or blinking lights when you are walking or biking outside in the rain.

But aside from that - go play!